We specialize in protecting personal and property in a wide variety of environment with our highly trained security guards. Ours is an integrated professional security agency providing dependable security service for the industrial safety. Security is a very must for any firm as it ensures a safe and peaceful working environment. We take all responsibility of the security part and prop up our client firms with a safe and sound working environment. We are leading service providers with many prestigious and satisfied clients.

We are committed to our customers in maintaining their facilities hygienic, clean, safe and attractive.PINAKIN, the ultimate force, firmly believe that each and every one of us has a commitment to the society.We are providing world class safety and security to industrial and business establishments.Provide secure and safe industrial environment to facilitate economic growth by deploying highly trained personnel and supporting them with the most advanced equipment and technologies.

Stay committed to the highest standards of excellence; maintain high ethical standards, honesty and integrity; respect and encourage individual ability and creativity. Thus we formed this organization with the sole aim of providing foolproof security service.

Our team in Pinakin intends to build a global brand in security which our great nation can be proud of. We seek to do business that differentiate ourselves by building a reputation through innovation, entrepreneurship, customer satisfaction, value driven business operations and profitability, with an equal interest to giving back to employees and society.

Your Security is our Priority !